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Have Fun Boosting Your Metabolism

Have Fun Boosting Your Metabolism

%image_alt%If you’ve had problems loosing weight in the past, part of the reason can be a slower metabolism. Your metabolism dictates how fast you burn calories and that can depend on a number of things. For instance, super low calorie diets can actually slow your metabolism. The body responds to the excessively low calorie intake by insuring all vital organs receive enough energy to remain healthy. It slows down the number of calories you burn to conserve calories. Even if you have a slow metabolism, you can change that. Boosting your metabolism can start with a program of regular exercise.

Exercise helps you shed pounds while you’re doing it.

That’s not a surprising statement. Most people understand that to shed extra weight, they need to either eat fewer calories, burn more calories or do both. However, a program of regular exercise also helps you in another way. It builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does so you’ll be burning more calories 24/7 the more muscle tissue you build. That means you’ll be boosting your metabolism.

You don’t have to be bored or dread your workout either.

Exercising alone can be a drag. That’s why people find it easier to succeed when they workout with others in a group setting. Everyone cheers each other on to success and has fun doing the exercises. It provides a more social situation, making it enjoyable and more like a game than a workout. You’ll get plenty of support when you workout with a group, too. Enjoying the activity keeps you motivated.

Not only will you boost your metabolism with a program of regular exercise, you’ll get other benefits.

Did you know that for every minute you exercise, you extend your life seven minutes or longer? Those extra years you gain are healthier too. You’ll be enjoying life more not only now, but in your senior years as well. You’ll also improve your flexibility to help prevent injury and build your strength. Your endurance will improve too. You’ll be able to dance all night, also boosting your metabolism.

Exercise stimulates the brain and protects the health of the neuronal synapses, which protects them and keeps your cognitive thinking clear and healthy.

Your skin will look healthier when you exercise. Not only does exercise send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of the body, it also stimulates the creation of antioxidants and adult stem cells to keep you looking younger.

You’ll help keep serious conditions at bay. Exercise can help prevent serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even osteoporosis. In fact, some studies show it actually helps control some of these conditions better than some medications.

Regular exercise can also help you sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep keeps you going strong and won’t leave you craving sugary treats for energy.

Keep Your Curves In Check

Keep Your Curves In Check

%image_alt%Many women who consider kickboxing or even personal training worry that they’ll lose their femininity. I can reassure you right now that you’ll keep your curves, but still build a strong healthy body with our workout regimen. Even with sports where you’ll learn how to take down an opponent, such as kickboxing, you won’t give up your curvy appeal and probably add to it. Taking off weight and building muscle doesn’t create a masculine appearance. It actually uncovers the beautiful body underneath the excess weight and accents it.

You won’t bulk up.

One thing I hear all the time is the concern voiced by women that they’ll bulk up like the female body builders they see in competitions. These women have spent most of their time in the gym with a regimen of hours of workouts, a special high calorie diet and in some cases, steroids to help them get the super big guns and bulging muscles you see in competition. In order to build huge muscles, women either need to have a high testosterone supply (which almost all do not have) or supplement their testosterone artificially. Building muscles requires it, which is why men build faster and have bigger muscles, they have more testosterone.

You will tone up and uncover the muscles you already have.

Everyone has muscles or they wouldn’t be able to move. If the muscles are undeveloped, you have less stamina and strength. The more you develop them, the more strength and endurance you build. Building muscle tissue also does one more magical thing. It helps boost your metabolism and burns fat while you’re working out, too. You might already have strong well developed muscles but they’re hiding underneath a layer of fat. When you workout, you start losing that fat and strengthening the muscles underneath to get a sculpted look.

Kickboxing builds more than just curves.

When you workout with kickboxing, you’ll do more than just lose weight and help accentuate your curves. You’ll start developing a “can do” attitude that comes with feeling stronger and more in charge. You’ll also be improving your posture due to improved muscle strength. That attitude and your improved posture makes you walk taller, which allows your now-more-visible curves to show.

Working out and developing lean muscle mass emphasizes your femininity, not detracts from it.

You’ll develop confidence when you learn kickboxing. It’s a potent tool for self-defense that could save your life.

Even though kickboxing and other personal training is fabulous for your figure and has many practical benefits, it’s also fun. You’ll look forward to each session.

You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have after just a few weeks of training. You’ll be ready to do other active things, burning even more calories and slimming your body in the process.

How Are Your Reflexes

How Are Your Reflexes

%image_alt%If you participate in any sport, you know your reflexes play an important role in whether you’ll be a champion or not. Improving your reflex time isn’t just for athletes. It also plays an important role for people not involved in sports. If you’ve ever helplessly watched a precious fragile item fall, knowing it will smash into hundreds of pieces, but not able to move quickly enough to catch it, you’ve already experienced the frustration of slow reflex time. Now consider all the times on the road where fast reflex time is important or times when moving quickly enough can prevent injury.

Reflex time comes in three stages.

Seeing the danger or problem is the first stage. It’s that cup falling, ball heading toward you or a punch coming your way, if you’re kickboxing. Mentally the process of deciding what to do then takes place, whether it’s try to grab the cup, dodge or catch the ball or duck or counter the punch. Finally, your reflex depends on how quickly that thought communicates to your body and the speed of your reaction. For those involved in kickboxing, it makes the difference between a successful counter-move or possibly losing the match.

Training to improve your reflex time helps tremendously.

Learning how to improve the identification of a problem, then improve your reaction time and speed in handling is the best way to see a huge improvement in reaction time. Some people suggest running at top speed in a wooded area helps. That will help overall reaction time but in kickboxing, you’re reacting to specific stimuli. It’s all about effectively reacting to your opponents moves.

Effective reflexes in kickboxing are well trained and often not a natural reaction.

A reaction to a punch could be anywhere from a counter-punch to panic! That’s why it takes hours of training to know the appropriate move and way to overcome, not succumb, to your opponents offensive moves. Knowing when to counter-punch and when to use a defensive move comes with training and experience. You train for the potential stimuli.

No matter how fast your reflexes, if you aren’t training for specific stimuli–such as punches and kicks—you won’t improve in kickboxing.

Using the right focus is important. If you want to improve your reflexes when in the ring, make sure your training includes training that simulates having punches thrown at you.

When you have trained reflexes, you don’t have to think about your reaction. It just happens.

Good trainers will insure you include training exercises that will help you in the ring.

Cutting Edge Fitness

Cutting Edge Fitness

%image_alt%No matter what you do to become fitter, if it gets you moving, it’s far better than doing nothing. However if you want a program based on the latest scientific studies that uses cutting edge fitness techniques, you’ll probably see the best results. Of course, most studies show that only through an individualized fitness program will you get the fastest and best results. That’s because it’s designed for your level of fitness, focusing on weaknesses to build symmetry and aid in the synergistic movements of the muscles.

Not everyone has the same needs.

One person may want to lose weight, while the other just wants to be healthier and fitter. Of course, the basic path to fitness would be almost the same, but there would be differences in each program. For the person with special needs, such as a back problem. A personal trainer needs to modify the form of the exercise to prevent causing further damage. Back problems, by the way, often respond well to exercise programs focused on developing stomach and back muscles.

If you’re working hard but not seeing any results.

That may be the problem of the exercise program you’re using. Some people just focus on cardio workouts, which aren’t necessarily the best for overall weight loss. They will burn calories, but you need to have a mix of strength and cardio for the best results. Interval training is another great way to burn fat. Some workouts keep burning fat long after the workout ends. However, no matter what exercises you do, you also need flexibility and balance training. Flexibility training is range of motion training and it can help prevent injury that will put you out of commission for months.

Look to total body training that’s fun.

Total body training not only works all the muscles in the body, but also includes several types of training, sometimes all four, strength, cardio, flexibility and balance. There are a number of different forms of exercise that can provide this type of conditioning. Kettlebells and kickboxing are two of those. I choose to include kickboxing because it takes the drudgery out of exercise and makes it more fun. You tend to focus more on your next move rather than how much longer you have to workout. Best of all, you leave wishing sessions were even longer.

Make sure you eat healthier when you’re trying to get results. No matter what your fitness goals, matching your eating habits to those goals are important. Someone trying to build bulky muscles will be eating differently than a person trying to lose weight.

In the past, most trainers or gyms would never offer a money back guarantee after just 30 days. We do because the cutting edge techniques we use get fast results and we’re confident you’ll be pleased.

You don’t have to be a beginner or even have tried and failed at fitness to benefit from the help of a personal trainer. In fact, many extremely fit people use the services of a trainer as a way to break the monotony of their regular workout, check their form or learn new exercises.

Trainers vary workout frequently to help avoid plateauing. That can occur when the body becomes too efficient doing the same routine continuously.

Improve Flexibility

Improve Flexibility

Improve Flexibility

There are many types of fitness, but often you see people focus on either cardio vascular fitness or strength, while those two are important, you need to improve flexibility and balance, too. Not only is improved flexibility important in preventing sports injuries, it also improves your functional fitness. Flexibility is your range of motion. If you have a limited range of motion, lifting something light can cause injury.

Big muscles doesn’t mean your at your fittest.

The Incredible Hulk seems pretty agile as he faces opponents and knocks down buildings, but not everyone with bulging muscles is that flexible. You often find weight lifters benched because they didn’t bother with any stretches during their exercise routine. Just because you can run a mile without breathing hard doesn’t protect you from sprains and strains either. Stretching is often one of the most overlooked parts of a workout routine and it can make the difference between a successful day or injury.

Even kickboxing requires stretch and flexibility training.

You won’t build big muscles but have that lean look. However, you still need to warm up and insure your muscles are ready to move in a multitude of ways. Kicks require flexibility and speed, so training is of the utmost importance for this sport. You need to take an extra 15 minutes before you start to insure your body is ready. The good news is that as you participate, kickboxing will also improve your overall flexibility. It’s also a great workout for coordination and balance.

You’ll increase the blood flow to all your muscle tissues.

Flexibility training sends oxygen and nutrient loaded blood to all parts of your body. That encourages the muscles to relax, which is another way it helps prevent injury. If you have back problems, flexibility training may be just what you need for relief. It loosens tight muscles and reduces back pain in the process. It also is a great way to eliminate muscle pain and provides overall good health. That leads to improved performance no matter what your sport or activity.

Stretching can help eliminate muscle aches and pains if you do it before and after exercising. It’s a great way to help relieve back pain, too.

You’ll posture with flexibility training. That leads to more presence, confidence and greater respect from others.

As you improve your range of motion, you’ll also notice far less pain after working out rigorously.

You’ll build joint health with flexibility training combined with strength training. It builds the muscles but also allows them to move freely taking pressure off joints.

Tired Of Not Getting Results?

Tired Of Not Getting Results?

Tired of Not Getting Results?

If you’re working hard and find you’re tired of not getting results you hoped for, it may be time to switch things up a bit. Too often people continue the same workout for years and their results start dwindling down to nothing. Whether your goal is to burn fat or build strength, the problem might come from the repetitive nature of your workout. The body starts becoming efficient at doing every move, using fewer calories and building less muscle tissue. Take a break from the traditional and start with a workout that’s fun and gets results fast.

Try something different that will keep your body on alert.

One way to get better results is to change the same old routine. Of course, I’m talking about kickboxing. Not only is it fun, it keeps your head in the exercise as you plan every strategic move and learn the various techniques. You’ll burn an amazing number of calories, but you won’t be looking at the clock to see how long it will be before you finish. You’ll be too busy for that. Kickboxing offers a wide variety of exercises ranging from flexibility and strength to cardio and balance. It also burns calories like crazy. Test drive it by taking a few classes and you’ll see the difference it makes.

Get the help of a personal trainer.

If you aren’t seeing results and you think you’re working your hardest, there’s something wrong. Either you’re not doing the right exercises or you’re being to kind to yourself during the workout. A personal trainer first assesses your overall fitness and designs a program specifically for your needs. You’ll work toward your maximum capability and as you reach it, the trainer will modify that program to reflect your success.

A trainer will insure that you don’t plateau by constantly creating new workouts.

Working out alone has many pitfalls. One is that you’re never sure you’re using the right form. That can cause the entire exercise to be less effective, or even worse, cause injury. Trainers show you the right way to do each exercise and watch to insure you do it correct. Trainers also push you harder than you might ever push yourself, but do it in a safe manner. You’ll get faster results.

One reason people often fail to see success is that they quit before the fruits of their efforts show. When you work with a trainer, you’ll get plenty of motivation and see results faster, which is super motivating.

Feel comfortable working at a gym where you get an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee of results. If you work your hardest, but don’t see the results you hoped to achieve, it costs you nothing.

You’ll see a huge improvement in your overall health and fitness when you try new, proven methods.

A personal trainer holds you accountable for your success, but never shames you for not achieving your goal.

Shred Fat Fast

Shred Fat Fast

Shred Fat Fast

You can shred fat fast when you have knowledge behind you or the help of a well qualified personal trainer with experience like me. Whether you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed or just get rid of fat and replace it with lean muscle, getting most from a workout is of ultimate importance. Not all workouts are the same. Some not only work better than others, but are actually more fun.

Working out doesn’t mean building big muscles.

Whether you’re male or female, you don’t have to bulk up when you shred fat. Women have a far harder time getting bulky muscles, so most workouts won’t do that. Not everyone wants to look like the Incredible Hulk, let’s face it, either. The lean sinewy look of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee is in and the scary Hulk look is long gone when it comes to looking sexy. For women, healthy, toned and fit is always a hit with the guys.

You’ll enjoy working out with a trainer more.

I vary the workout and even include fun activities, such as kickboxing that not only helps blast off fat, but also is a great outlet for stress, while empowering you at the same time. You’ll never be counting the minutes until your session ends because you’ll always be learning something new or focusing on perfecting something.

I will show you the right exercises and build a program to work you toward your maximum potential.

You may have tried to workout on your own, but just didn’t see the results you wanted. It could be for a number of reasons, one of which was using the wrong exercises. While any type of exercise is a benefit, some give you better results than others do. One of the problems of working out on your own is also the fact that you probably don’t realize how much you’re capable of doing. I will push you toward your maximum ability.

When you workout with me, I make sure you do each exercise correctly. Doing an exercise wrong doesn’t give you the maximum benefits it has to offer. It also can cause injury.

Learning to eat healthier is also important when you want to blast fat fast. Both a program of regular exercise and healthy eating habits can help you build a trim fit body and keep it that way forever.

I’ll motivate you by holding you accountable. That doesn’t mean shaming you, but tracking your progress and helping you make changes so you see it improve. I’ll also provide encouragement when you need it.

I’ll work with your schedule to insure it’s easier for you to workout. You’ll be getting the maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

Ways to Alleviate Back Pain

Ways to Alleviate Back Pain

Do you sit at a desk and work at your computer all day? Do you have achy and fatigued back pain by the end of the day?

This is common for many working professionals out there. Sitting at a desk hunched over with your legs bent, puts strain on the lower back and causes hamstrings to get tight, which also adds to lower back tension.

To alleviate some of this pain, you can try and set about 5-10 min, 3-4 times a day and hold your posture at an upright position (sit up straight). This will relieve some back tension and also remind you to fix your posture throughout the day.

Having a healthy, strong back and good posture can prevent many health issues that can occur in the future such as:

1. headaches/migraines
2. sinus/congestion issues
3. arm numbness/weakness
4. range of motion
5. hamstring issues/tightness
6. minimize medications
7. improve sleep
8. improve immune system
9. increase energy
10. increase overall physiological functions of the body

Another way to fix back pain for good is having a good, consistent workout regimen with balanced muscle groups doing resistance/strengthening exercises.

Doing proper resistance and strengthening exercises for all the MAJOR MUSCLE GROUPS will:

1. balance front, back, upper, and lower body muscle strengths
2. correct poor posture
3. minimize back pain
4. strengthen good posture

Try these out, let me know if you have any questions or If you are interested in receiving more detailed information and would like to evaluateYOUR current level of HEALTH and FITNESS. Please fill out the form below to set up your firstFREE Personal Training Consultation:

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Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks for Summer!

Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks for Summer!

Finding it hard to stay away from the alcohol this summer? Vodka, Soda Water, Limes

Summer is here guys! That means Summer BBQ’s, weddings, parties, and other social events, which means….alcohol! Alcohol is a big factor in trying to stay on our fitness goals. Yes, they’re just drinks, but alcohol converts into sugar and sugar into fat! Let alone the mixers and sodas mixed in the drinks as well or beer which also has about 154 calories per can.

Here is a list of some low-calorie drinks that you can substitute for those high calorie sugary drinks. 

          1) Vodka, Soda water, Limes

          2) Mojito-rum, Mint, Limes, Soda water, Stevia (instead of syrup)

          3) Champagne (less calories than beer and wine)

          4) Sangria with fresh fruit

          5) Gin, Tonic (or diet), Lemons

          6) Vodka, Diet Ginger Ale

OF COURSE, if you can stay away from alcohol altogether when on your fitness goals, that would be best. But if drinking is not easily avoidable, try these drinks for your substitutions for beer and other sugary drinks! Enjoy!

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Kickboxing For Health

Kickboxing For Health

%image_alt%While it’s a tough sport, kickboxing can be a huge benefit to your self-esteem, health and confidence. If you use kickboxing for health, you’ll get more than just the benefit of a rigorous workout, you’ll be burning stress hormones that can cause damage to your body if left unchecked. In fact, while not all people use kickboxing as a stress release, everyone who participates in kickboxing notices how great and relaxed they feel after a session, burning off all the anger and frustration of the day.

You’ll get a great cardiovascular workout with kickboxing.

You’ll get your heart pumping and start breathing hard after just a few minutes if you’re not already in shape. It’s a great aerobic exercise that doesn’t ever get boring, so you tend to participate in it longer, getting even more benefit. This is one type of overall body exercise that involves flexibility, strength, endurance combined with mental reflexes to assess your partner and anticipate your opponents next move.

You’ll burn fat fast with kickboxing.

Kickboxing burns hundreds of calories every hour, approximately 750. It helps burn fat faster, while building strength and endurance in the process. You’ll build lean muscle mass, which also burns more calories 24/7 than fat does. Weight loss from eating healthier and physical exercise can help control serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

You’ll learn the art of self-defense and build self-esteem in the process.

No one wants to be in a life and death situation, but when you have skills in self-defense, it can help prevent it. Robbers, thugs, rapists and muggers tend to choose people who look like victims, ones who’ll resist the least. If you’re walking tall and look confident and fit, you probably won’t be chosen. However, that doesn’t mean you should take chances and use back alleys as a short cut home. If you are grabbed from behind, you’ll have the moves to break the hold. Either you or the attacker will end up running. Most of the time, it’s the attacker.

You’ll workout longer because it won’t feel like a workout. You’ll also look forward to sessions and tend to stick with the program.

You’ll tone and firm your entire body. Kickboxing uses all the muscles in the body, whether punching or kicking, everything gets a good workout.

You’ll improve your circulation, which not only helps improve your health, makes you look fantastic and years younger.

You’ll build your flexibility. Improved range of motion can help prevent serious injuries whether you’re doing everyday tasks or exercising. You’ll move with more grace when you increase your flexibility.