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Ways To Exercise Even On Vacation

Ways To Exercise Even On Vacation

Whether you spend your vacation traveling the country or take leisure time in Chino Hills, CA, there are ways to exercise even on vacation that can allow you to stay fit without worrying about a schedule. Some clients love the idea of taking a vacation at home. It involves not only taking time off from work, but also other scheduled activities, such as clubs, volunteer work and even the gym. That doesn’t mean they don’t workout. They do it, but in a different form.

Leaving the area makes your regular gym workout almost impossible.

While those staycationers can go to the gym, but simply choose not to do it, those leaving the area need to make other arrangements. Some people plan ahead and check the accommodations to ensure there’s a gym in their hotel that they can use. There are other ways to stay fit and not miss any of the fun. Working with a personal trainer before leaving on vacation is one way. The trainer can create body weight workouts you can do anywhere, since they’re equipment free.

Have fun activities that provide a great workout.

You don’t have to do a traditional workout to get plenty of exercise. Hiking with the family, swimming, bike riding and just walking on the beach can provide a great aerobic workout, without interrupting the fun. While walking on the beach may not sound like a huge workout. The drag of the sand, or in case it’s too hot and you walk in the water, can create a drag that adds to the energy burnt can create a tough workout everyone will enjoy.

Pack up some resistance bands and have strength, cardio and flexibility workouts ready.

You don’t want to overpack, so much of your workout equipment is out of the question. However, resistance bands take up very little room and can provide workouts that boost all types of fitness. With a little extra planning you can do all three types of workouts using only them. Add some body weight exercises to create variety, particularly if your vacation is longer than a week.

  • Sightseeing can be a good workout, particularly if the ground is uneven or sloping. Walking the sloping streets of San Francisco, for instance, could be a great workout regardless of your level of fitness.
  • Create a game plan before vacationing. While getting away from a schedule may be your goal, having a list of activities you want to do that don’t have to be scheduled can be a refreshing adventure.
  • Make fitness more fun. Get a pedometer and challenge yourself to do more walking each day. Spend time exploring your vacation area, while boosting your exercise for the day.
  • If you’re going out of town, check out places where you can participate in a group workout that allow you to pay per session. Make them something unique that you’ve never done previously.

Why There's A New Surge Of Interest In Kickboxing

Why There’s A New Surge Of Interest In Kickboxing

If you’re looking at kickboxing as a spectator sport, it lags behind many others when it comes to drawing audiences, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t gaining popularity. It’s growing huge numbers of fans who participate in it, as both a good outlet and a form of exercise. There’s good reason that more and more people are turning to kickboxing as an alternative to walking on the treadmill. It’s simply more engaging. You never watch the clock when you kickbox, because your mind is too busy watching your opponent and planning the next move.

Kickboxing is a great cardio workout.

It’s so good, there are classes popping up called cardio kickboxing. Kickboxing requires a lot of energy, even if you’re throwing punches in the air. It burns about 350 to 450 calories in an hour and gets the heart pumping into the intense zone, for cardio conditioning. It helps burn belly fat, lowers your risk of coronary disease and diabetes. Most of all, it boosts your endurance, while keeping you focused.

Kickboxing builds strength.

Kickboxing is a high impact sport that works on all parts of the body at once. It not only helps you build strength, it helps you develop power behind that strength. You’ll punch, kick, twist and use all body parts, which not only develops the arms and legs, builds core strength. It strengthens your hips, legs, upper arms and back, too.

Boost your balance and flexibility with kickboxing.

This sport is based on jumps, punches, kicks and explosive movements. It improves the range of motion, which also improves your flexibility. If you’re kicking, you’re standing on one foot, which trains you in the area of balance, too. Before working out, kickboxers also do stretches and training like hopping on one leg and letting the other leg swing freely. It improves muscle coordination, making them work together in synergy.

  • It improves reaction time and that can help prevent injury. That makes it a good for seniors. It helps to build neuromuscular control, which improves mobility, balance and dual-tasking activities.
  • Kickboxing boosts your confidence. Not only does it make you feel stronger, your posture improves. That makes you look more confident, which actually aids in becoming more confident.
  • Kickboxing gives you a feeling of power and control. If you feel like you can handle yourself in a tough situation, you feel more in power. While you won’t want to walk down dark allies to test it, it’s a good tool to have for self-protection.
  • The kickboxing community is warm and welcoming. People of all levels of ability help one another to improve. That sense of community is often what helps beginners stick with it as a form of exercise.

Help Get Rid Of Stomach Fat With These Healthy Snacks

Help Get Rid Of Stomach Fat With These Healthy Snacks

Eating the whole foods can help you shed those pounds, but some pounds seem to be more stubborn than others are and like a bad relationship, stay glued to you no matter how hard you try to lose it. Exercise is a huge help. It helps burn off the calories, while also burning off the hormones of stress, like cortisol, which are linked to the accumulation of abdominal fat. Some foods actually help you shed those belly bulges. You can get rid of stomach fat with these healthy snacks, feel satisfied and lose extra pounds.

Include an avocado in your diet. It has healthy fat.

One of the biggest problems with belly fat isn’t how it looks, but how it affects your overall health. It’s called visceral fat and the toughest type to shed. There’s a strong link to heart disease and diabetes based on the amount of belly fat you have. While eating fat to get rid of fat may sound like a fallacy, it’s true. Avocados and nuts are a good source of healthy fat. One study showed that a diet that had plenty of monounsaturated fat, like avocado and avocado oil, actually prevented the distribution of fat around the waistline by regulating certain genes. Put some salt on it, make some guacamole or add a few shakes of hot sauce and eat it.

Grab a handful of nuts, seeds or spread some nut butter on a celery stick.

Yum, nuts and nut butter are among my favorite snacks. Just like avocados, nuts contain monounsaturated fats. They also are a good source of protein and help you feel fuller. While saturated fats turn on the genes that lead to storage of fat in the abdominal area, the mono and polyunsaturated fats turn them off. Get a start by grabbing a handful of Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds or pistachios, rather than those crackers, can help you shave pounds, particularly around the waist. Nuts and seeds should be part of your diet. I have a thin client that eats all the time. Yeah, lots of people hate her. What she eats is important. She constantly has a bag of a mix of raw nuts, raisins and cranberries with her. I see her eat, A LOT!, but never gain a pound.

Grab a cup of yogurt with live bacteria.

If you can find yogurt made from the milk of a grass fed cow, all the better, but not necessary if you want to shed belly fat. Just make sure the bacteria is active and that there are no additional sweeteners added in the form of flavoring. Just like nuts, yogurt has protein that can help you shave off pounds around your mid-section. If you really need to have more flavor than plain yogurt provides, throw in a handful of fresh blueberries or strawberries for help shedding belly fat, flavor and added nutrition.

  • Eat a hard boiled egg as a snack. They’re really good and one of my favorites for snacking. Eggs contain quality protein and are easy to transport when hard-boiled.
  • Grab a bottle of water instead of a bottle of pop or even a fruit drink. Water helps you stay hydrated, but it also helps you avoid sugary drinks, especially low calorie ones, that have been proven to add fat around the middle.
  • Don’t forget to exercise. Exercise helps burn calories, while also burning hormones that create abdominal fat. It often works to reduce your cravings for food and sugary products.
  • Slice up mushrooms and serve them with a yogurt dip. Just a few herbs and spices added to yogurt or cottage cheese can create a great fat burning dip for the mushrooms.

Spring Into Action Summer Is Coming

Spring Into Action Summer Is Coming

Are you ready for the skimpy summer clothes? Do you have the energy to do all the fun things that come with warm weather. Summer is coming, but you still have time to get ready for it and make this the best summer of your life. Whether you want to get into shape and have a beach body everyone will envy or just boost your energy level so you can keep up with the kids and still have some oomph left over for adult time later that night, it’s not to late to start working on it. You’ll notice the difference in 30 days, start seeing the transformation in 60 days and love what you see by the time summer arrives.

It takes hard work, but you can handle it.

I assess all my client’s fitness levels first. I also learn about any special needs and what the goals are. That way I can create a personalized workout program for you. The workout will be tough, but you’ll never be bored. It changes continuously. I know you’ll love the variety, especially the addition of kickboxing. You’ll not only get fitter, you’ll feel more in charge when you know you can handle yourself in any situation.

If you need to shed weight, exercise does more than just make you fitter.

You’ll build muscle, but the sinewy sexy kind, not big bulging ones. If you’ve every watched the old TV series “Charmed,” you know that Phoebe, one of the sisters, used kickboxing to fight evil and she had a body that turned heads. The exercising you do to build them burns calories, but it also continues to rev up your metabolism even after you leave the gym. Not only do you benefit from the afterburn, you’ll benefit from the muscle tissue you build. The more muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism becomes. That’s because muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does. It won’t take long before you notice that it’s easier to lose weight.

Eating healthier is important for weight loss too.

You notice I didn’t say dieting. Dieting simply doesn’t work. Learning how to eat healthier does. One thing you’ll find as you get fitter is that your body will crave healthy foods. That’s great! Switching out from sugary treats to healthy snacks, like a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts, gives you the boost of energy, plus loads of nutrients to help build muscle tissue and keep you going longer. The combination of exercise and a healthier diet will have you ready for all the fun summer has for you.

  • Start to get ready for summer now. The sooner you begin, the quicker you’ll be able to make plans for a summer of active fun.
  • Even if you’ve failed at getting fit before, we can help you. We help people of all fitness levels, even those who have never exercised in their life!
  • Once you see how much fun getting fit can be, you’ll start to look forward to each session. That’s when you start to really feel the changes you’ve made and love every part of it.
  • You’ll feel and look more confident as you become fitter. Part of the reason is that your posture will improve and you’ll walk with more confidence. Of course, looking great also helps.

Improve Your Body And Boost Your Self Image

Improve Your Body And Boost Your Self Image

Too much emphasis is placed on looking good, even at the expense of being healthy. Everyone wants to look fantastic, like a movie star, but not everyone has the makeup artists, hairdressers and clothing designers that stars have. What everyone does have is their own unique self and their own brand of charm and beauty. Building on that, you can make your body healthier, improve your body and boost your self image. It all starts with loving yourself first. When you care about yourself, you’ll want to take better care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself is the ultimate goal.

That doesn’t necessarily mean pampering yourself, although everyone deserves that occasionally. Your body needs to exercise to be at its best, so that’s what you should give it on a regular basis. It also needs to eat healthy foods and again, that’s what you should do. It’s all about taking care of your body as you would for anything you loved. If you had a car you loved, you’d make sure it got the best attention, had regular maintenance and given the best fuel. You should take care of your body in the same way. After all, you can get another car, but not another body.

The boost in your self image comes from accomplishing your goals.

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I’ll say it again, you will feel better about yourself when you look better, but the true improvement to your self-image comes from achieving your goals, not from looking better. If looks are all you value, you’ll never look good enough to be pleased with yourself. It takes more. The extra energy you get from exercising regular is another huge boost, but the real gold lies in the accomplishment of good health.

Never compare yourself to another person.

One of the biggest problems I find when I have a client that has a bad self image is the constant comparison to someone else. This goes back to focusing totally on appearance, rather than good health and fitness. There will always be someone that has better thighs, a flatter stomach, a firmer backside or a better figure. When you learn to love yourself as you are, you can start finding ways to treat yourself better and two of those are a healthy diet and a program of regular exercise. Focusing on how much you’ve improved, rather than comparing yourself with another, is the way to improve your self image.

  • Dress for success. Don’t relegate yourself to drab colors or baggy clothes. Take pride in who you are every day of your life.
  • Improve your self image by realizing that you are powerful enough to do the things that will make you look and feel better.
  • Know that only through accepting yourself, can you do the things that you need to do to make change. If you loathe who you are and continuously criticize yourself, you’ll be building a stronger negative self-image that will be harder to change.
  • Clean up your self talk and get busy. If you wouldn’t say the same things to a friend or acquaintance that you say to yourself, stop. Instead, switch your focus to ways you can treat yourself better.

Facing Your Fitness Fears

Facing Your Fitness Fears

Everyone has some fear when they first start a fitness program. Maybe they worry they’ll look silly and not be able to do the exercises. Sometimes, they worry about the potential health risks of exercise, fear failure or not know where to start and actually make things worse. People also worry that they’ll fail or quit before they see results. If you find you’ve been postponing your goal of getting fit, it’s time to start facing your fitness fears and take charge.

If lack of knowledge is your problem, it’s easy to overcome.

One reason people turn to personal trainers for help is that they have no idea where to start. They worry that they’ll overwork themselves and cause injury or that their workout won’t be effective. First, as far as effectiveness goes, getting up and walking is an effective and easy way to start. Your results will come slower, but you’ll still get results. When you’re ready for the next step or want to maximize results immediately, getting the help of a fitness professional can help you overcome those fears. It won’t take long for you to start building confidence.

If you fear that you’ll look silly when you first start, eliminate that fear.

You’re absolutely right. Most people don’t have perfect moves when they first start working out. That’s why getting help from a trainer to learn the right way to do each exercise is important. However, even if you don’t look perfect, it’s not a big deal. Everyone starts out feeling uncomfortable and gawky when they’re learning something new, even people who have practically lived in gyms most of their lives.

If you fear you’ll drop out or fail, make your workout fun.

Quitting is not an option you even consider when you’re having fun. It’s one of the reasons I like to mix up the workout and include kickboxing as part of it. My clients tell me they never get bored and actually look forward to traditional workouts that help them prepare for kickboxing and the actual kickboxing sessions. While fitness is a serious subject and extremely important, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it.

  • Group sessions are also an inexpensive way to get started. You’ll be amazed at the comradery and encouragement people have for one another in these groups.
  • Build your confidence as you build your strength. Another reason kickboxing is included at One Love Fit Club is that it is a super boost to confidence. You feel strong and in control when you know you can defend yourself.
  • You may feel awkward when you start the first session at the gym, but once you do the first exercise and see that you get guidance for every movement you do, that awkwardness will melt away.
  • Failure is never an option here or any time you work with a personal trainer. The only way you fail is by never starting. We provide the motivation and encouragement to continue.

Are You Properly Cooling Down After Workouts?

Are You Properly Cooling Down After Workouts?

Properly cooling down after workouts can help your body temperature, breathing rate and heart rate get back to pre-exercise levels. It lowers the risk of fainting from your blood pressure dropping too quickly and lets the muscles get back to the pre-exercise optimal length to tension relationship. It restores your body back to baseline or close to it and also helps prevent the pooling of blood in the veins of your lower extremities and aid in the elimination of waste materials after a workout. Just like warming up before an exercise, it’s an extremely important part of your workout.

You need at least five to ten minutes of cool down after a hard workout.

Your cool down isn’t just stretching, it’s lower intensity exercises before the stretching. Walking is one of those, just as flexibility exercises are. You can put one or two flexibility exercises at the end of your that are lower intensity and take approximately three to five minutes. During this time, focus on your breathing. Follow that with about five minutes of stretching the muscles you targeted that day. Use three to five stretches for each of the muscle groups, hold them for about a half minute.

The higher the intensity of the workout, the more important the cool down is.

At one time, cool downs were considered important to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness—DOMS. Studies have shown that’s not true. It does have the benefits mentioned previously, which are just as important, if not more important. Static stretching is one of the most important parts of a cool down after your heart is back to its normal rate. It helps to stop the constant shortening and lengthening that occurred during exercise and ease it back to normal activity. It also helps improve your flexibility.

The type of static stretch you use will depend on the area you worked.

If you worked your quadriceps, you’ll want to lay on your side and pull your heel toward your glutes, to feel the stretch in the front of the thigh. Lay on your back and pull your bent knee to your chest for glutes. For hamstrings, lay on your back and lift and straighten one leg, pressing your heel toward the ceiling, while you pull your leg toward your chest. For the chest, interlace your fingers behind your back and straighten your arms, while lifting your chin upward.

  • You can use the treadmill for lower intensity exercise at the start of a cool down. There’s a “cool down” setting on most.
  • A hamstring static stretch that’s good for a cool down is also a great one for back pain if you’ve sat too long, so you’ll get a “twofer.” Lay on your back, raise a leg and use a towel to loop around your foot. Pull the towel toward you and feel it stretch your hamstring.
  • Part of every cool down should be rehydrating. It also helps reduce the soreness in your muscles.
  • Get a protein shake or after workout smoothie to replenish the carbs and protein lost in the workout. Do this 15 to 30 minutes after the workout ends.

Sugar VS Sweeteners

Sugar VS Sweeteners

Which is better for you in the contest of sugar VS sweeteners. While artificial sweeteners have no or lower caloric value, they were voted the worse sweetener by Cleveland Clinic dietitians. That’s because they don’t satisfy the hunger for sugar, plus several other factors. Artificial sweeteners are better for you than sugar if you’re diabetic or prediabetic, since they don’t cause a spike in your blood sugar. However, consumed too frequently, they also are associated with insulin resistance, changes in gut bacteria and increased fat storage. Some, namely aspartame, has been shown to increase the risk of cancer in three separate animal studies, according to the dietitians.

So sugar wins the contest? Not quite!

Table sugar produces inflammation in the body. While it has substantial calories, it has no benefits nutritionally. You can get addicted to sugar and before you know it, you’re consuming more and more to get the sugar high. Sugar is in hundreds of foods, from ketchup to “healthy” granola bars. One can of soda contains as much sugar as the average man should have in a day and more than the average woman should have to remain healthy.

Sugar consumption could lead to heart problems.

At one time fat was blamed for coronary problems, but that was because of a study funded by the sugar industry. Since then, much has been learned and it seems that sugar is the real culprit. One 15-year study showed that people whose diet was 25% or more were twice as likely to die from heart problems than people whose diet was 10% or less. That’s just added sugar, not sugar found in food.

Stevia is a sweetener that’s natural.

Stevia is a natural sweetener that’s between 200 and 300 times sweeter than ordinary sugar. The negative word on stevia is that it dulls your taste buds, so you tend to look for the same sweetness in other foods. That means you’ll eat food that’s sweeter and sweeter—contains more sugar. Stevia is a plant and the sweetener is made from the leaves, so it’s natural. It contains no calories.

  • The most unhealthy sweetener is high fructose cornsyrup—HFC. It doesn’t stimulate the production of leptin, which tells your body you’re full. Therefore, you tend to continue to eat well past the point of satiation. Even worse, you’ll find this high calorie, low cost sugar substitute in almost everything.
  • The top rated sweetener by the Cleveland Clinic dietitians was fresh or frozen fruit to sweeten food and drink.
  • Raw honey is one alternative. While it does contain calories, as sugar does, it also comes with many health benefits and triggers fullness.
  • Maple syrup—real maple syrup, not the maple flavored syrup—is also a healthy option. Like honey it has health benefits such as antioxidants.

Diet Soda Adds Inches To Your Waist

Diet Soda Adds Inches To Your Waist

An interesting study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society showed that diet soda adds inches to your waist if you’re a senior citizen. It used information from the San Antonio Longitudinal Study on Aging that followed 749 subjects of both Mexican-American and European-American heritage for 12 years. The study started in 1992 and ended in 2004. The findings were amazing and not at all what you might expect. Those who drank diet soda had waist measurements that were three times as large as the subjects who didn’t. Men fared worse than women. The larger the body mass, the bigger the increase was.

Waistline measurements are critical to your health.

There’s fat and then there’s dangerous fat. Dangerous fat is called visceral fat. In common terms, it’s known as belly fat. It accumulates deep inside the abdomen and is difficult to lose. This is fat that accumulates deep inside the abdomen. Belly fat is linked to increased risks for depression, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

Another study showed that it’s not just the elderly that have to worry.

A study in the JAMA Pediatrics showed that mothers who drank diet drinks frequently when they were pregnant were twice as likely to have babies that developed weight problems at one year. The babies were obese or overweight by that time. There’s no concrete proof that drinking diet sodas while pregnant had a causal relationship with the obesity, but it certainly makes you stop and think.

What could cause the problem?

The sweetness of diet drinks cause the body to trigger a reaction in the sweetness receptors in the brain that gets the stomach prepared to digest sweet treats. When no sweets arrive, there’s nothing to digest so the body still craves them. That can cause the person to seek out food to satisfy that craving and can lead to weight gain. In other words, artificial sweeteners may trick the brain, leading to a weaker link to the hormone that tells your body it’s satisfied and to stop eating. Sugar has calories and calories trigger the fullness hormone.

  • Too often people who use artificial sweeteners or eat low calorie foods, feel they can eat more because…it’s low calorie. Don’t be fooled. Instead, learn how to eat healthier and choose whole foods.
  • The best way to satisfy a thirst with a no calorie drink is to make that drink water. Not only does water hydrate, but it’s also good to eliminate the bloat from, ironically, water weight.
  • One ten year study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio followed 500 people for ten years.The results were that people who drank diet soda had a 70 percent larger waist than those who didn’t.
  • Consider how many artificial sweeteners are made. They come from a lab and made from chemicals that you might not want to put in your body in the first place.

Set Smart Goals And Achieve Them

Set Smart Goals And Achieve Them

If you want to change any part of your life, set smart goals and achieve them. That’s especially true for weight loss or fitness goals. Smart is actually an acronym for a goal setting strategy that outlines how to create the goals to ensure you create a map that’s specific enough to achieve them. Setting goals is important. It acts like a road map for a trip. You identify where you want to get and the route you’ll take to get there. It also identifies how long it will take to achieve the goal.

The S in SMART stands for specific.

If you want to look better, you need to identify exactly what that means. Looking better could mean getting a haircut, but it also could mean getting into shape and losing weight. If it’s the latter, it’s actually two ultimate goals that go hand in hand. One is to get fitter and the other is to shed pounds. Getting more specific means you identify the number of pounds, such as 15 pounds for the weight loss goal. For the fitness goal, it might mean being able to run up ten flights of stairs in two minutes or being able to lift 100 pounds. Be precise when you set a goal.

The M is for measurable.

I want to be healthy isn’t measurable. I want my blood sugar levels to return to normal. I want to be able to run two blocks without getting winded. I want to eat healthy well balanced meals that’s lower in calories and workout every day. Those last three goals can be measured. If you run one block and have to bend over to catch your breath, you haven’t achieved your goals.

A stands for attainable and R is for realistic.

A goal to grow taller is not attainable if you’re already at your adult height. (Although after working out, some people seem to increase their height because of improved posture.) A goal of losing four inches around the hips is attainable for people who are overweight. If you want to lose fifty pounds in four weeks, you’re not being realistic. That doesn’t mean you can’t use that as a big goal, but it does mean you have to give yourself more time to achieve it.

  • The T in the SMART goal setting system stands for trackable. If you don’t record your progress, the potential to achieve the goal is diminished.
  • While setting big goals is exciting, you should break those bigger goals down to smaller goals that are achieved quicker. That provides more motivation to continue.
  • If you find that you have a set back or road block in the way, don’t worry. It’s part of life. Find a way around it and get back on track to achieving your goal.
  • Goal are not carved in stone. Sometimes you need to adjust them when changes occur in your life. Those changes may cause you to rethink your goal or even set a bigger goal.