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Get Your Summer Body

Get Your Summer Body

%image_alt%If you haven’t started working on your summer body, start today. You still have time to look fabulous by the end of summer, plus boost your energy level out of sight so you enjoy every last minute of it through fall and into winter. You’ll not only see noticeable improvement this summer, you’ll look positively fantastic for the holidays and ring in the New Year with new with confidence and renewed energy.

Mixing it up will help you shed pounds quicker.

Getting the most from a workout comes from putting your maximum effort. That’s why I try to keep each workout new and exciting, which also helps you burn more calories. When you do the same exercises every workout allows your body to get more efficient doing each movement. Just as you become more efficient at your job the more you do it, it takes less effort. For your body, that means it burns fewer calories and you lose less weight.

Kickboxing not only burns fat fast and builds muscles quickly, it also gives makes you more confident.

I love introducing clients to kickboxing, not just because it’s fantastic for burning fat and building strong lean muscle mass, but for all the other benefits it offers. First, it’s fun and keeps your mind focused while you learn each move. That makes the training time seem way too short, even though it’s the same amount of time you normally workout. It also helps you build confidence and provides a full body workout. If you’re like most people, you’ll fall in love with the tough workout that invigorates and energizes you.

You’ll see faster results than you ever would working out on your own.

With summer already started, you don’t have time to waste. You need to make every minute count to have a great summer body. If you’ve worked out on your own, but failed to get the results you wanted, it’s time to use the services of a professional. I can help you achieve more in less time! Adding a healthy diet to a program of regular exercise blasts fat off by reducing your overall caloric intake and increasing the number of calories you burn.

A healthy diet doesn’t mean dieting. Dieting is restrictive and leaves you feeling deprived. Worse of all diets always end. Eating healthy means making wiser choices when it comes to food.

A healthy diet and regular exercise not only will help take pounds off fast, it also takes them off for life.

You’ll be boosting your metabolism, which not only makes weight loss easier, but also keeps pounds from returning.

Exercise is a stress buster. It burns off the hormones created by stress, such as cortisol. Cortisol is linked to the development of abdominal fat.

Is Your Workout High Energy?

Is Your Workout High Energy?

%image_alt%If your workout is high energy, you’ll get huge benefits that you don’t get from yoga or simple strength training.. You’ll be working your cardiovascular system to the max, which helps build your endurance, making other forms of exercise easier. You’ll be strengthening your heart and improving your circulation, which helps build your overall health and makes you look fantastic. That’s because improved circulation sends oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of the body, including the skin.

You’ll burn fat faster with a high energy workout.

Studies show that high energy workouts are more than just great cardio workouts, they also burn massive amounts of calories, while building muscle tissue in the process. Not only will it help you burn calories while you’re working out, the muscles you build will boost your metabolism. That’s because muscle tissue burns far more calories than fat tissue does, so you’ll burn more calories even when you’re not working out.

You’ll get the benefits of high intensity training.

When you use a high energy workout, you can’t go at peak speed all the time, which means you’ll be doing high intensity training—HIT. That’s when you have bursts of maximum potential followed by periods of a less intense workout. That could identify the type of workout you get from sports like kickboxing or Muay Thai. HIT burns achieves more progress in a shorter time period than other types of exercise. It can do more good in a half hour than some other forms of exercise do in an hour. It’s a great workout for people on the go.

You’ll preserve muscle tissue as you lose weight, thanks to HGH—human growth hormone.

High intensity training stimulates the production of HGH by as much as 450 percent within 24 hours. HGH is responsible for slowing down the aging process, keeping you younger looking longer. When you add to that the increased circulation to help build healthy cells, you’ll be looking younger than ever in just a few months. HGH also helps the body burn calories, so you’ll lose weight faster.

You’ll work hard, but not for long periods. It’s just enough workout at maximum potential to build, but still short enough that it won’t overwhelm you and you can keep up.

You’ll be pushing harder than ever and see results faster than you would otherwise.

You’ll keep your body burning calories for hours after working out. Intense workouts put the body in calorie burning mode for two hours after ending the workout.

You’ll never get bored with a high energy workout, which means you’re more likely to stick with an exercise program.

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